new roster limits
season cancelled
new roster limits
new roster limits
ID cards not required until January 1, 2021
ID cards not required until January 1, 2021
ID cards not required until January 1, 2021
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League News & Updates

About the League

The BC Coastal Soccer League (BCCSL) was created in 2018 and amalgamated the former youth leagues that operated in the Lower Mainland. We comprise approximately 21,000 youth and all 7 Lower Mainland districts. The League provides, facilitates and supports playing environments for males and females in the Under 11 and 12 Divisions 1–2, and Under 13 to Under 18 age categories consisting of Division 1 to Division 3, and Metro Divisions of U14 to U18.

UPDATE: Between June 15 & today, BC Soccer received additional clarification on the orders which means youth participation outdoor (which was 50) is now UNLIMITED per field (unless otherwise stated by municipality, city or facility/owner).

Not the news we wanted to publish, but the clock simply ran out on us to get in the rest of the @1BCCSL season!

The recent Provincial Health Order has been clarified, and sadly, soccer has been impacted.

All of our return to play details can be found here:

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