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BCCSL Updates

February 22, 2019


The last few weeks have been challenging for member districts and clubs to say the least relating to weather and field issues.  We recognize that our U13-U18 League Championship groups were impacted to varying degrees

While no solution to cancellations is perfect, we have worked hard to address the issues arising from cancelled games.

We'd like to provide these general updates and answer a few questions:


Most U13-U18 playoff groups had 6 teams in each, however due to numbers, we also had some groups with 4 or 5 teams in a playoff group.

We knew early on that we could end up with some teams playing more or less than others, so it was agreed that a 'points per game' (PPG) formula was the only way to objectively determine standings at the end.

Sure enough, we now find ourselves with some groups having distinct differences in the number of games played.

1) How are the two finalists determined for the U13-U18 League Championship Finals on March 2/3? 

PPG will determine the standings in all divisions where an uneven number of games was played, and if ties need to be broken they will be done so like this:

a.Head to head record in League Championship play

b.Goal Difference

c.Goals Scored (average per game)

d.Coin toss by the BCCSL

2)If I make the Cup Final, when will I know when my team plays?

The BCCSL has secured a limited number of neutral game locations and times for Division 1 + 2 groups.  These locations are Burnaby Lake, Newton Athletic Park, and Minoru Park.  We have a “best case scenario” schedule at the neutral venues, but of course this is based on the fields being open.

Division 3 groups will be hosted by the first placed team, and scheduled by the district/club. 

All game info for the Cup Finals, including locations and times, will be on the BCCSL website by Wednesday at 5pm. As much of the scheduling is based on whether or not fields are open, this might be a timeline that needs flexibility as some parks departments across the lower mainland won’t make decisions on fields until Thursday or even Friday.

3)What if the Cup Finals on March 2/3 can’t be played?

If weather prevents the League Championship Cup Final games to be played, the winner will be declared based on most points accrued in the LC phase of play. If the teams played a different number of games, the team with the highest average points per game in the division will be determined to be the LC champion. If tied, above formula will be used.

4)Does my team get anything?

The League Championship winner will receive a Champions medal for each player, and the runner-up will receive a Finalists medal for each player.


The metro division must be finished play by the evening of March 10, with all scores reported in the BCCSL system by 10pm on March 10. 

The Coastal Cup draws will take place on March 12.

The winner of each BCCSL metro division will earn a direct spot to the BC Soccer Provincial Cup.

As previously communicated, divisions with the same number of games played will use total points earned to determine the final standings.  In divisions where an uneven number of games was played, the 'points per game' (PPG) calculation will be used to determine final standings.  

In the case of breaking ties in standings at the conclusion of league play, the formula for breaking them is:

a.Head to head record between teams

b.Goal Difference overall

c.Goals Scored (based on average per game)

d.Coin toss by BCCSL


This is a different competition than the Coastal league, and has its own set of rules and operating guidelines. Info can be found here: http://www.bccoastalcup.com but here is the guideline document relating to Coastal Cup:

Coastal Cup dates and qualification plans


The top 4 teams who aren’t Champions from their respective District Coastal Cup playdowns will earn Wildcard spots. These would be the top 4 teams in the standings, after round robin play and not including the cup final result, starting from the top of each League Championship group and going down to the next group if necessary.  


There are no standing or cup play in U11/U12, and while March 2/3 is the final weekend of scheduled play, the March 9/10 weekend is the final weekend for make up games in this age group if possible in your district/club relating to field availability.  For any make up games, please ensure your district schedulers notify the BCCSL Scheduler.


As with our established protocols, we’d remind all teams to go to their club reps with questions/issues, who should in turn bring them through the appropriate district channels to the league.  With 1400+ teams in the league, a reminder that chaos would ensue if we answer every email from every coach or parent out there!

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