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Information regarding suspensions carrying over to cup play

February 26, 2019


As per the BC Soccer Judicial Code & Policies for BC Soccer with regards to suspensions carrying over.

Regarding any player/team official under suspension whose team is playing in the Championship Finals or is considering playing in the Spring/Summer Soccer League should be aware of the following:


3. Serving Suspensions

d. The Suspension(s) may carry over into any Sanctioned activity, including tournament and Friendly Matches, but shall not constitute the serving of the Suspension(s).

e. When any person within jurisdiction of the Association has been suspended for misconduct for a specific number of Matches and the Suspension is not completed within the current season, the Suspension shall carry over into the following Youth or adult season.

f. Where primary season and secondary season play overlap, any Suspensions incurred during this period must be served:

ii. If the Suspension was incurred during primary season play, the individual must serve this Suspension during their next primary season league or cup Match(s), whichever comes first. The individual may apply to the organization with jurisdiction for permission to participate in secondary season play while still under Suspension in their primary season.

The player is also not eligible to participate in secondary season play (or other sanctioned soccer activities like summer tournaments) without the permission of the governing body that issued the suspension.

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