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League News & Updates

About the League

The BC Coastal Soccer League (BCCSL) was created in 2018 and amalgamated the former youth leagues that operated in the Lower Mainland. We comprise approximately 21,000 youth and all 7 Lower Mainland districts. The League provides, facilitates and supports playing environments for males and females in the Under 11 and 12 Divisions 1–2, and Under 13 to Under 18 age categories consisting of Division 1 to Division 3, and Metro Divisions of U14 to U18.

We're happy to report that the website is live, the schedules are up, and club/district schedulers have access. We apologize for the delay and appreciate your patience with our tech issues.

Yes, our website is down. Yes, this is on the heels of our server issues last week denying access to many club/district reps for entering schedule info. Yes, we are working on it. Yes, we will be playing soccer soon and hopefully forget all about computers.

We are having some server issues. We went "live" with our BCCSL schedules when all was good a few days ago, but things have not gone well the last 24 hrs. We're on it with tech support, and hope to have schedules back up soon.

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