Coastal Cup FAQ

1. How Are Coastal Cup Rosters Frozen?
Rosters that are submitted for all Coastal Cup games are considered to be frozen and players cannot be added unless the criteria as stated on Page 1 under Team Rosters. Rosters will be stored on the BCCSL server for each game. If there are any questions about rosters and their validity, the roster stored on the BCCSL will be considered the official game roster.

2. How Are Seeding Positions Determined?
As with the regular season games points per game will be used to determine seeding for Coastal Cup games where standings are used to determine a teamโ€™s position in the brackets.

Games played on November 18-19 will use standings as of November 13th
Games played on December 2-3 will use standings as of November 27th
Games played on March 2-3 will use standings as of February 27th

If teams are tied the following tie-breakers will be used:

  1. Head-to-head results
  2. If there are no head-to-head games or the total points between the teams is level, then goal difference will be looked at next
  3. If goal difference is the same, then most goals scored (based on average per game if necessary) will be used. All games that exceed a 7-goal difference will be manually recalculated to reflect a maximum 7 goal difference.
  4. If all these donโ€™t break the tie, a coin toss by the League General Manager will break the tie

3. What Is My Teamโ€™s Maximum Roster Size?
Maximum roster size is 22 players.

4. Will The Higher Seed Always Have the Home Game?
No, all Coastal Cup games will follow the brackets, with the highest bracket being the home team.

5. My Team Is Unable to Play on the Designated Dates, Can We Reschedule the Game?
It is important that all games go ahead as scheduled. Games may only be rescheduled if both teams are in agreement and with the permission of the League General Manager, who will provide a play by date if the reschedule is permitted. There must be just reason for the game to be rescheduled, sickness, injury, and other commitments that take players away from their team are not valid reasons for rescheduling a Coastal Cup game. All reschedule requests must be made seven (7) days in advance of the game date. There will be no consideration made for requests made after the deadline. If the reschedule request is denied and the game does not get played, both teams run the risk of being disqualified from the competition. If the rescheduled game is unable to be played due to challenges such as weather, a coin toss/random selector will decide the winner.

6. My Team Is Not Involved in a Qualifying or Round of 32 Game, What Will Be Scheduled for Us On Those Dates?
Teams not involved in a Qualifying or Round of 32 game will have regular league games scheduled.

7. My Team Is Involved in a Qualifying or Round of 32 Game, Will We Be Expected to Make Up the League Game That Would Have Been Played on Those Dates?
Yes, all League Games must be played in order to ensure accuracy in the standings, to determine seeding. Coastal Cup games take precedence over all league games.