League Cup


February 8: Random draw for play-in matches

February 12–13: Play-in weekend (for larger group teams if required)

February 25-27: Round of 16

March 4–6: Quarterfinals (8)

April 1–3: Semifinals (4)

April 9–10: League Championship Final (2)



  • Divisions that have a route to the BCCSL League Cup, and won’t play in the Coastal/Provincial A or B Cup:
    • U13 Division 3
    • U14-U18 Division 2 and 3
  • For all League Cup teams, ALL standings will be based on points per game (PPG) from the October 15-17 weekend through to the end of the season. Starting the standings after Thanksgiving was necessary due to the number of divisions that had teams move in/out due to the re-tiering process. Using PPG means if teams end up playing less/more games than others due to byes or field closures in winter, all teams can still be ranked in final standings by comparing to others using PPG
  • All teams play a full slate of league games, giving all teams a larger number of regular league games than we did in the past with the old League Cup round robin format. This means teams play slightly later than a β€œnormal” season, as cup play goes into March/April
  • Based on standings, all teams then get placed in a play-in game, round of 16 or quarter-final round depending on the size of their group, with single elimination playoffs
    • The higher placed team from standings will host each game, including the LC Final games
    • In each division, the top 4 teams will be seeded into cup play, with a draw to fill the spots overall
    • The League Cup Final games will take place at the host team's field
    • In all cases, the home team/club is responsible for referee schedules and payments
    • Teams that win their bracket's cup final will be sent a BCCSL League Cup Champions banner
  • Fluid Roster Process is permitted for League Cup