League Cup

The BCCSL League Cup (LC) is for U13-U18 teams that don't compete in the Coastal Cup. All LC teams will play a round robin format with at least 3-4 games scheduled (depending on group size and numbers). The designated top teams from each group's format will then advance to the League Cup Finals. The LC Finals are hosted by the team with the better overall record between the finalists in regular league play using points per game (PPG).

Divisions competing in the 2022-23 League Cup will be:

U13-U14: Div 3

U15-U18: Div 2 + Div 3


November 11-13:  First weekend for round robin group games

November 25-27:  Second weekend for round robin group games

February 10-12:  Third weekend for round robin group games

February 24-26:  Fourth weekend for round robin group games

March 4-5:  League Cup Final (2 teams)


Clubs can use their registered players through the FRP process for league and League Cup games. Those same players can also participate in the Coastal Cup, however, once they play a Coastal Cup game, they are considered cup-tied and can not play for more than one team in the Coastal Cup. With BC Soccer's change in registration to allow "club registration" for players rather than team registration, the onus has been placed on clubs to place players in the appropriate level for development purposes.


  • Round robin games can end in a tie, so those games don't need a winner (ie: no Pk's)
  • Only the League Cup Final requires a winner. Those games will have no extra time, and will go straight to penalty kicks at the end of regulation if tied
  • All games are played by regular BCCSL league play rules, ie: fluid roster process and player additions are allowed during LC games
  • All scores get reported as per regular league rules, ie: by the Monday at 9pm after the game


  • Depending on the number of teams in a division, each team is in one group or a split with 2 groups from their division
  • For division sub-groups with only one LC group, the top two teams after round robin play will make the League Cup Final
  • For division sub-groups with two LC groups, the top team from each group after round robin play will make the League Cup Final
  • All teams will be scheduled to play a minimum of 3 round robin games. Some groups might play 4 round robin games, based on group size
  • There are 4 available weekends for LC round robin play. If a game can't be played due to weather/field issues, this game takes priority to be made up between teams, and if required, the League Scheduler will step in and schedule a game
  • Group standings will be based on points per game (PPG)
  • Tiebreakers after round robin play will be:
    • 1) head to head results
    • 2) if there are no head to head games or the total points between the teams is level, then goal difference will be looked at next
    • 3) if goal difference is the same, then most goals scored will be used (based on average per game if necessary)
    • 4) if all these don't break the tie, a coin toss by the League Manager will break the tie