League Championship Information

Overview and Group Formation

After the completion of regular League play in December, all Division 2 teams not participating in Coastal Cup as well as Division 3 teams will commence play for the “League Championship”.  Groupings will be created based on the standings at the Holiday Break.

Where there are multiple divisions (ie U14 Red, U14 White), teams will be blended and then ranked based on the standings, using points per game (PPG). Groups of 4-6 teams (if necessary more) will be created and where possible, geographic consideration will be taken into account providing it does not skew the groupings or provide a competitive advantage. In the event two or more teams are tied, points per game will be used to determine which team goes into which pool. Teams within each group will play a round robin format with the top two (2) teams of each grouping advancing to the finals weekend.

Rules of Play

  1. All games are to be played in accordance with the FIFA/IFAB Laws of the Game, BCCSL Rules and Regulations, and BC Soccer Rules and Regulations unless otherwise noted in this document.
  2. For round robin play, there will be no overtime.  If the game is tied at the end of regulation play, teams go straight into a shoot-out with points awarded to both teams as specified.
  3. For the finals, games that are tied at the end of regulation will go to extra time and if still tied after extra time penalty kicks.
    • U14-U16 2x10 minute halves
    • U17-U18 2x15 minute halves
  4. FRP may be used on the following conditions:
    • No changes to a player(s)’ playing level will be made after the Holiday Break
    • Players who are or have participated in Coastal Cup are ineligible to participate in League Championships, with the exception of players who have been called up to Coastal Cup rosters.


  1. Points in round robin play shall be awarded as follows:
    • Win in regulation: 3 points
    • Win via shoot out: 2 points
    • Shootout loss: 1 point
    • Loss in regulation: 0 points
  2. There will be no forfeits for games not played.
  3. Points per game will be tallied at the conclusion of round robin play to determine who will play in the finals.

Tie Breaker 

In the event of a tie, the tiebreaker protocol shall be:

  1. Head-to-head results
  2. If there are no head-to-head games or the total points between the teams is level, then goal difference will be looked at next
  3. If goal difference is the same, then most goals scored (based on average per game if necessary) will be used. All games that exceed a 7 goal difference will be manually recalculated to reflect a maximum 7 goal difference.
  4. If all these don’t break the tie, a coin toss by the League General Manager will break the tie


For the 2023-24 Season the top two teams in the division after round robin play will play in the final on March 9-10. Home team will be determined by a coin toss or random selector.


For the 2023-24 League Championships only the winner of each group will receive prizing.