District Team Roster Editor Help

District team rosters are edited from this page. Please note that all roster edits made here will affect discipline recording and the digital/physical ID cards. Players and team officials may be added to rosters as well as transferring to another roster in the same district.

Search for a team by its name or ID,  or by gender and age. You may also search for an individual member to edit.

  • To search for a team: enter in a team ID or a whole or partial name in the search box, eg. Crush or Galaxy or 20020000, and click SEARCH.
  • To select by gender and age: choose a gender, age and division from the drop down selectors and click SELECT.
  • To search for an individual member, player or team official, enter their name or league ID. Click SEARCH.
district roster editor-search
  • Select a team and an action

Edit Roster: Edit the basic information that is part if a team roster, such as name, role, jersey, date of birth, as well as delisting or moving a member to another roster.

View Roster: View a team's full roster.

Photo Upload: Upload photos for the members, used for the ID cards.

Add Members: Add new members that are not already present in the BCCSL database to a team's roster. Up to three members may be entered at a time.

Bulk uploading of new (ie. not previous entered) players and team officials via a CSV file is available through the League. Please ask for the latest version of the cvs template if you wish to have the league bulk upload players and team officials.

district roster editor-select

Edit Roster

  • With a team selected. Click on Edit Roster.
  • You are able to edit the roster, eg. change a name or jersey, OR move a member. At this time, both operations at the same time is not available.
  • Editing: Make your edits as necessary. Click Save Changes when done. A confirmation page will display your edits, if successful
  • Move members: Select the move member check box that corresponds to the member. Click Move Selected.
district roster editor-edit roster

View Roster

  • With a team selected. Click on View Roster.
district roster editor-view roster

Photo Upload

Photo dimensions: 130x150px to 260x300px, aspect ratio of 1.15:1 Accepted formats: jpg, png or gif
File size limit: maximum 90k
Photos larger than 90k or in the wrong format will fail to upload without warning.
Photos with dimensions not within the aspect ratio will be stretched/distorted/cropped to fit in the space allocated for photos.

Photos are required to use the digital and physical ID cards. If your district is not using the ID cards built into Qscriptor, then uploading photos is not necessary.

  • With a team selected. Click on Photo Upload.
  • For players or team officials that a photo is to be uploaded, click on Browse and navigate to the photo file. Alternatively, most modern web browsers will allow file drag and drop on to the Browse button
  • Click on the Upload button.
  • A confirmation page will display your changes, if successful.
district roster editor-photo upload

Add Members

  • With a team selected. Click on Add Member and enter in the information required.

Up to three new members at a time may be added to this roster.

Please ensure that any new members you enter are not already present in the BCCSL database. ID cards and discipline are linked to the rosters and who is entered, so it is imperative that we do not have duplicate entries in the database.

If there is any doubt as to whether you might be duplicating an entry, please check with the league to see if that person is already in the database.

Please note that jersey and dob are not required for team officials. Please leave those fields empty as selecting team official will automatically ignore those values entered.

  • Enter in the required information for each member. Click Add to Roster.

If any members presently in the data are similar to your entries, they will be displayed. If detected duplicates are displayed, please review them to see if you are entering someone that does not need to be entered, but moved from inactive to active or from another team.

  • To add the member, select the Add radio button for the member. If your entry is a duplicate and should be added, select the Do Not Add radio button for the member.
  • Click Confirm. A confirmation page will show your entries, if successful.
district roster editor-add members
district roster editor-confirm members

Individual Member Editor

An individual member can be edited directly rather than going through a roster.

  • Enter the member's name or league ID in the search box and click Search.
  • Select the member from the listing.
  • Click on edit member to edit the member or move member to move the member.

Both editing and moving the member to another team are the available options. To delist a member, please use the District Team Roster Editor.

district roster editor-edit member select

Edit Member

  • Enter the changes as required and click Save Changes. A confirmation page will display your edits, if successful.
district roster editor-edit member select

Move Member

  • Select the team to move the member to by choosing the applicable values from each of the pop up selectors.
  • Click Transfer to Team. A confirmation page will show the transfer.
district roster editor-move member select