FRP Process Help

Fluid Roster Process (FRP) allows you to add FRP players to your match sheet as well as adding their digital ID cards to your team's ID cards.

Please refer to theย BC Coastal Soccer League Rules and Regulationsย document for the complete information on the Fluid Roster Process including the restrictions on which players are eligible.


At the Team Portal landing page, click on Fluid Roster Process (FRP) link.

Editing an FRP

  • In the Team list of FRP players for upcoming matches section, it will list your FRP players for upcoming matches, if any.
  • To delete FRP players from one or more existing lists, deselect the check boxes corresponding to the players and click Save.
  • A confirmation screen will indicate if the editing was successful.


Add FRP players

  • Select the age, gender and team of the team you will be drawing FRP players from and click Select Team.
  • Select an upcoming match for the FRP players.
  • Select the players you wish to add to your FRP list for the match. Please note that there is only room for three FRP players on the match sheet.
  • Click Select.
  • A confirmation screen will indicate if the selection was successful.

You may select FRP players from other teams to a maximum of three.

The FRP players selected will appear in the FRP section of the match sheet and their digital ID cards will be appended to your team's digital ID cards for the match.