U13 Division Alignment 2023-24

To: BC Coastal Soccer League Member Districts and Affiliated Clubs

Re: U13 Division Alignment 2023-24

After consultation with the BC Soccer Association, the BCCSL is announcing a change in our plans for the Under-13 age group for 2023-24. As our initial directive does not comply with the CSA Grassroots Standard for the “Learn to Train” Phase, the new structure will now be modelled after our existing U11 and U12 division, as follows:

  • U13 Division 1A
  • U13 Division 1B
  • U13 Division 2A
  • U13 Division 2B
  • U13 Division 3

There will be no mandated criteria for entry into these tiers. However, we ask that all clubs employ good judgment based on prior season performance when determining proper placement for their teams, keeping in mind the key principle of ensuring a “positive soccer experience” for the players.

We appreciate that this change may be inconvenient for some, but we assure everyone that this decision was made after careful consideration of new information provided to us by the BC Soccer Association. Specifically, the BCSA Technical Department was able to provide us with significant more clarity on the rationale for the myriad of changes at the Under-13 age group and the overarching relationship with the CSA Grassroots Standard:

“… this change delays early player selection and supports more players in a wider pool to continue to play together and develop in small-sided games formats and in local league soccer. This change delays selection for a further year, allowing the player to continue to develop at their own rate and ability to be more appropriately placed in the right playing environment for the Under 14 age group and above. This shift also provides for one more year of growth, socially and emotionally, thus hopefully better supporting the player as they are introduced to the selection process into the BCSPL (a wider provincial league). Ultimately, this change puts the player and their development at the decision-making forefront and is in alignment with Canada Soccer recommendations of the Under 13 age group playing 9v9.”

We would like to thank everyone for their feedback, patience and understanding as the BCCSL navigates these changes that impact the game of soccer in our region.